Vestnik of the RSCM (Вестник РСХД)

The Florovsky Society is the North American representative of the Vestnik [Herald] of the Russian Christian Movement, the longest-running religious, philosophical and literary journal of the Russian emigration.

First published in Paris in 1925 as the informational bulletin of the Russian Student Christian Movement [РСХД], the Vestnik became a leading forum for discussions about the church and religious life, as well as broader questions of culture, literature and society. A special focus of the Vesnik has been the publication of texts by and about leading figures of modern Russian religious thought such as Nikolai Berdiaev, Sergius Bulgakov, Semyon Frank, Vladimir Ilyin, Nikolai Lossky, Lev Shestov, and Georges Florovsky.

During its 80 years in press, the editors of the Vestnik have included Nikolai Zernov, Ivan Lagovsky, Georges Fedotov, Vasilii Zenkovsky, Lev Liperovsky, Alexander Kiselev, George Benigsen, Ivan Morozov, and Nikita Struve, who has served as editor since 1970. Currently, the Vestnik comes out twice a year, in partnership with the publishing house “Russkii Put’” in Moscow. The language of the Vestnik is Russian; it’s sister publication, Le Messager Orthodoxe  has been published in French since 1958.

Fr. Georges Florovsky was an active member of the Russian Student Christian Movement, serving as assistant priest at the RSKhD chapel at 91 Rue Olivier de Serres from 1932-36, and a contributor to the Vestnik.

As the representative of the Vestnik in the North America, the Florovsky Society welcomes inquiries about purchase, subscription, or submission to the journal. Please direct correspondence to Natalia Ermolaev (

Select issues of the Vestnik can be downloaded on the site of Russkii Put’ website [link:].

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