Florovsky 33Fr. George Florovsky’s Princeton University ID

Fr. Florovsky lived in Princeton and taught at the University from 1964-1972.  His archive, The Georges Florovsky Papers, housed at  Princeton University’s Rare Books and Special Collections, contains a wealth of material that helps us understand this remarkable man, his ideas, and his time. The papers consist of research notes, drafts, correspondence, documents, photographs, and memorabilia, mostly in Russian and English, but also French, German, Romanian, Italian, and Greek.

Much the material in the archive documents Florovsky’ work in the World Council of Churches as a member of the Executive Committee and the Commission on Faith and Order. Correspondence pertains, among other things, to his involvement in the Fellowship of St. Alban and St. Sergius in London, the Parisian émigré community, and his activities at Harvard.

The archive contains Florovsky’s correspondence with individuals such as Svetlana Allilueva, Roman Jakobson, Nikolai Arsenev, Nicholas Berdiaev, Father Sergius Bulgakov, Peter Struve, and George Vernadsky.

There are several boxes of Florovsky family correspondence.

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